Sunday, June 18, 2017

EIPA Levels & Business Cards

Dear Friends and Colleagues (and others),

As my blog says, this is my opinion. I have no power, no authority. If you have an opposing view, please post.

My opinion today is that I do not agree with having the acronym "EIPA" on business cards, email signatures, etc.

And here's why:

The EIPA is NOT a pass/fail performance test. It is a rating system. You can take the EIPA and receive a 1.5 score and be able to say "I have an EIPA rating."

It is a test that gives you a rating and that rating can high enough that you can work in Florida, but not in Georgia. Or low enough that you can't work anywhere ethically.

A former student asked if she should put EIPA on her business card. I said, "No, not unless you include the score." Her response was, "I don't want people to know the score." To which I said, "Then leave it off."

So I guess the litmus test for me is asking yourself the question, "Am I willing to put my score next to EIPA?" If not, then putting EIPA gives a false impression to individuals who do not know about RID, NAD, CASLI, EIPA.

I support the EIPA-- the performance materials, ratings, feedback and what it has done to improve educational interpreting. I do not support the misrepresentation that I see on individual's business cards.


Faith Powell, MA, CSC, (Plus I took the SAT, GRE and MAT.)

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